About Alexander Jones

Welcome to Alexander Jones Photography

I am an Australian-born Canadian Rocky Mountain-based landscape photographer whose passion is exploring and capturing the incredible landscape I have the privilege to call home. I have loved the Canadian Rockies from the first moment I saw them on a brisk morning in February 2013 gazing up at the snow-capped peaks of Banff National Park from behind the glass of a Greyhound motor coach.

As an Australian, I have always viewed the Canadian Rockies as the edge of the world because it is quite literally as far from my birth home as one can get. The stark and beautiful mix of never-ending mountaintop skylines, crystal blue lakes and jagged edge glaciers is very dear to my heart and my biggest passion in life is bringing these landscapes to life through the lens.

It's no secret that my passion for capturing the natural world also extends to photographing and contrasting the mechanic beasts that roll through them. I've always had a fascination with freight locomotives and this has never been more present than when they are set against the backdrop of rocky mountain landscapes. You will see this contrast shown frequently in my work.

My background is in video editing however when I discovered there was an avenue to simultaneously explore the world while satisfying my creative hunger it was too good to pass up. Having always been drawn to the outdoors, landscape and nature photography has been a perfect fit. Thank you for taking the time to visit and explore my work.

- Alex